Mississippi school for math & science

The Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science (MSMS) is where it all started for me. I took my first physics class at MSMS. In fact, I took my first THREE physics classes at MSMS. I met lifelong friends.

MSMS is a public, residential two-year high school for juniors and seniors in the state of Mississippi. Students come from all over the state, from different class, ethnic, gender, and sexuality backgrounds to learn together in a small building called Hooper Auditorium on the campus of Mississippi University for Women. I often call it the most diverse square block in Mississippi. There were very formative years. I would not be WHO and WHERE I am today without MSMS. It is my mission to make sure this school stays open for the future physicists and artists in Mississippi.


Cancer Nano technology


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Alliance for Nanotechnology is Cancer is a community of scientists who are developing new technologies to improve the way we delivery therapies to treat cancer. It is interdisciplinary in fields of study, ranging from chemistry material science, immuology, biology, and biomedical engineering. It is my scientific home and I love it.

You can find info on graduate and postdoctoral training program at UNC-Chapel Hill here .